With such a vast collection of scriptures and teachings and various branches under the umbrella of Hinduism, where does an aspiring student of our religion start?
Krishna Our Guide believes that it would be a good start to focus on one of the major scriptures,the Bhagavad Gita. The essence of the Upanishads and the way of life of a man of wisdom are contained in this holy scripture.
This would be a good start for anyone who wants answers to questions like:
What does it mean to be a Hindu?
What are the teachings of Hinduism?
Are rites, rituals and ceremonies the end to the means?
The Beginning
In the 1960's there was a dire need for the revival of Hinduism in the Singapore context.
The young among those from Hindu families, especially the young intellectuals, were seeking for the Truth.
When they could not find the answers from their visits to temples, and from their elders they turned to other belief systems for answers. There was this missing link among the youth.
Mr. A.Suppiah saw this as a dilemma for many young people who were Hindus by birth.
He met up with the late Swami Sthitananda of Ramakrishna Mission - Singapore, to discuss this dilemma.
After lengthy discussions and consultation with the Swamiji, Mr. A.Suppiah decided to guide the Hindu youth in Singapore through the teachings of Sri Krishna and His messages in the Bhagavad Gita.
Thus, Krishna Our Guide was founded.
Founder Mr. A.Suppiah
Swamiji & Founder
Swami Sthitananda appreciated Mr Suppiah's endeavour and he was always there to advise and to motivate the founder of Krishna Our Guide. They worked closely for months on end to gather materials, to collate and compile prayers, mantras and bhajans and to plan a structured programme.
Mr. Suppiah met up with elders and leaders of the community to explain the need to run religious classes for children. Many came forward with their support and ideas.
A syllabus was drawn up, a timetable was set up and activities and lessons were planned for the religious classes to be conducted on Sunday mornings.
In 1965, Swami Sthitananda conducted the first prayer meeting at 204-B Kim Keat Avenue, the residence of Mr Suppiah. This prayer meeting marked the founding of Krishna Our Guide and the commencement of the first Sunday Class.


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