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Sri Lanka Temple Visit

We recently organised the first outing for Krishna Our Guide, which was an Inter Faith Prayer Session.

This was held on the 27th December 2020, from 10am to 12pm at the Sri Lankaramaya Temple. We were hosted by Reverend Bhante Gunaratana of Sri Lankaramaya Temple.

What we did during the session included joint prayers of our Hindu and Buddhist traditions, as well as offering lights at the temple and tour the serene surroundings of the temple.

The purpose of the visit was to offer prayers together for Singapore and Worldly wellness, recovery and peace as well as to promote interfaith understanding and friendship.


This event was organised jointly by Krishna Our Guide, Holy Tree Sri Balasubramaniam Temple and Sri Lankaramaya Temple. 

All this was done in strict accordance to the COVID-19 protocols which made pre-registrations compulsory. 

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